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For decades, millions of visitors have made rubbings of the names of the friends, comrades, and loved ones on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. These rubbings have sat in drawers and folders with no dignified way to display. Now, you can take that rubbing and display it within a high quality frame that is made in the USA. The matting has an image of a portion of The Wall to draw upon the power of one name among many. If you already have a name rubbing, this item will fit the standard rubbing form provided at The Wall in Washington, D.C. If you do not have a rubbing, please follow this link to request your FREE name rubbing that will be mailed to you separately courtesy of VVMF.

PLEASE NOTE: This frame is sized for rubbings from The Wall in Washington, D.C., and NOT for rubbings from The Wall That Heals.


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Width: 15.00
Height: 8.00

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